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Working in Dublin

The financial sector is a hugely important industry in Dublin and is well-known for being one of the biggest employers of expats. 

Fantastic quality of life 

In 2019, Dublin was ranked as the first city in Ireland and the United Kingdom for quality of living. The ‘quality of living’ ranking factors in several aspects including public transport, housing availability, schools, and traffic congestion. Dublin was also acknowledged for its high safety ranking, making it an attractive destination for expats to find a new tax job. 

River in Dublin at sunset
Dublin City at Night

The job market 

According to EY’s Press Release, the Republic of Ireland’s economy is set to grow by 4.6% in 2022 and to recover its peak by late 2023. It has even been reported that Irish employers are interested in hiring more employees in what could be the biggest hiring spree in over 15 years

The job market in Dublin can be tough and competitive, however, our specialist tax consultants at Kingpin have a vast amount of experience in recruiting for this city meaning they can help find the right job for you, but also help you throughout the application process.  

Dublin is the beating heart of the Irish economy. Accounting for roughly 50% of Irish GDP, the city was at the centre of the Republic’s rapid growth and “Celtic Tiger” economy between 1995 and 2008. 

The city has a varied economy. It is home to numerous media outlets, including RTÉ. Mobile giants 3 and Vodafone are based in the city. As well as Apple, other tech giants can be found; Ebay, Dell Google and Microsoft are located in Dublin, taking advantage of Ireland’s competitive taxation. And the famous St.James’s Gate Brewery produces around 10m pints of Guinness daily. 

The Global Financial Centres Index saw Dublin ranked 5th in Europe and 31st globally. Many of the jobs in Dublin’s financial services sector are based at the International Financial Services Centre in the Dublin Docklands area. Also located in Dublin is the Irish Stock Exchange (ISEQ). 

Ireland thrives on tourism and Dublin is certainly central to that. Figures from 2016, showed that Dublin attracted over 5.6 million foreign visitors, which generated revenues of around €1.9bn. 

How to find and get a Tax job in Dublin 

We would recommend that you first find a job in Dublin before committing to a move to the Emerald Isle. Kingpin International is a tax specialist recruitment company that will help you find a tax job suited to your skills and expertise, anywhere around the world. Our expert tax recruitment team will focus on finding a direct or indirect corporate tax role 

You can browse our current vacancies here to find out what roles we currently have available or, alternatively, contact Kingpin to speak with one of our recruiters about your needs and preferences. 

Dublin’s business culture 

No matter which sector or industry you choose to go in to, your tax career will benefit from working in Dublin. On top of the city’s strong economy, Dublin is now home to many famous, multinational businesses. With over 500 companies operating in the city, it has become one of the most competitive cities in the EU, making Dublin a hugely attractive location to be a part of leading business change and enhancing your tax career. 

Dublin is a very diverse city, however, English is the most widely spoken language. Other popular languages in this city include Polish, German, French, and Spanish. As immigration is on the rise, Dublin will continue to be welcoming and supportive of employees from all around the world. As an Expat in Dublin, you can expect the working environment and ethic to be similar to companies in Britain and America. 


Although you can find out more about the Irish employment permit here, you can find a job first by browsing Kingpin’s current tax job vacancies now, here. From this blog, it is clear that Dublin is a very attractive city to work in for a role in tax and finance. The strong quality of life and job market, as well as the inclusive business culture, makes Dublin a perfect location for tax professionals to work in. 

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