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Working in Dubai

Now known as one of the richest and most lavish nations in the world, the UAE has grown dramatically as an expat location which is set to continue with the huge need for VAT specialists in the country. Not only is the UAE a land of opportunity for job prospects, but it is also a country that offers a unique lifestyle that you might struggle to find anywhere else in the world. With its numerous stylish restaurants and bars, growing sporting culture and stunning white beaches to enjoy, the UAE certainly offers something for everyone. Don’t think you need to go alone either, the UAE caters for children, which is welcome news for expats with families. There is a good range of highly reputable international schools in the UAE, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which is often key for a family’s decision to relocate. 

Therefore, with this continued need for Indirect Tax professionals and the potential for an improved sun-filled lifestyle, the UAE is certainly a region you should consider if a new challenge and adventure are what you are looking for.

Buildings in Dubai at sunset
Dubai Skyline

Tax-Free Salary 

Having no income tax is a huge drawing factor for many expats who are considering relocating to the area as they can legitimately earn money without having to pay any income tax. 

Relocation and Your Employer 

The cost of living in Dubai can be quite high in some areas, so it is important that if your employer is relocating you to the area, negotiate your relocation package with this in mind. Take into consideration your relocation costs, accommodation costs and childcare/schooling costs.


If you have not sourced work in the emirate, then you can enter with a visitor visa and target employers in person while you are there.

Once you have secured a job, you will need to obtain a labour card and your employer will have to sponsor your visa to live and work. More often than not your employer will take care of obtaining your visa for you.

In the unfortunate event that you lose your job, you will have 30 days to find another job and another sponsor, or else you will have to leave Dubai.

With International Tax roles being some of the top paying jobs in the area, Dubai is a strong contender for a relocation choice. Contact our team to hear about the job opportunities we currently have in Dubai.

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