Kingpin's Skype Interview Success Guide

A large number of employers are now using Skype interviews rather than traditional face to face interviews. Typically, a multi-national company will work from a shortlist of up to 40 candidates making it to the 1st interview stage, therefore a huge amount of time can be saved using Skype. This also places additional demands on the candidate to prepare accordingly.

Video interviews have many benefits for the employer including reducing costs when interviewing multiple candidates for those who want to ensure a broader view of the talent in the marketplace and therefore hope to achieve a better fit for the company. For International Tax Recruitment, it will also save the recruiter and interviewee having to travel. However, Skype interviews can cause endless amounts of stress and worry. Kingpin International have created our top tips for Skype interview success which will help get you ready for an effective video interview in no time!

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Just like any interview, it is always essential that you are fully prepared in advance. A common mistake made is having little or no knowledge of who you are applying to. Therefore, it is imperative that you research the company and prepare for a wide variety of possible questions. You can also create cue cards, that should be in bullet point form to avoid prolonged reading and placed at eye level next to your laptop. The cards will help you to ensure that important points are communicated throughout the interview and in turn, show your potential employer that you have done your research.

Always ensure that you have a clear background on the Skype call to help present a formal setting. Any potential employer doesn’t want to see your laundry while trying to conduct a formal interview. A plain wall usually works well, but if not then a tidy and clear setting will suffice.

2. Practice makes perfect

To help guarantee a successful interview, you should always schedule in time to practice beforehand. It may feel awkward at first when you put a mirror in front of you, smile and practice answering some questions, but it is worthwhile. If you haven’t had much experience in Skype interviews, then you may feel self-conscious about the idea of talking to a camera. This is a good way to check your presentation and you can also preview what the interviewer will see if you use the video recording tools. You can either use a website or simply record yourself via your computer camera to answer a few mock questions and replay the video and assess yourself. Most people tend to speak too quickly, especially when they are nervous. Therefore, some practice beforehand will allow you to monitor your tone, get an optimum voice level and help calm any potential nerves.

3. Make a good first impression – dress for success

It is important that you look the part of a corporate professional, even for a video interview. Don’t be tempted to dress in your sweatpants because the bottom half will be hidden from view. Dressing fully to impress will get you in the professional mindset for your interview. It’s also important to portray good body language by having a strong posture, straight back and be in good view facing the camera. Making good eye contact with the interviewer is no different for a video interview than in person. Look through the camera to the eyes of the interviewer and avoid looking at the screen or elsewhere. It is also important to avoid excessive movement during the interview and make sure you smile and get across your personality. Any interviewer wants to gauge your personality and communication style which will help them determine whether you are suitable for their business.

4. Video interview tips

Before the interview, ensure your calendar is free so you will not be disturbed and that you are somewhere quiet with good lighting. Once the interview is underway, you must avoid talking over the interviewer which can happen when you have connectivity problems, so check you have strong internet connection prior to the call. If the connection fails, it is always important to have a backup plan.
Don’t rush the interview. Take a moment before answering the question to think about your answer and where possible, give specific examples from both your professional and personal life which best demonstrate the desired skill or experience.

If the interview will be held over Skype, consider how your Account name will be perceived. You do not want to create a bad first impression if you have a personal or informal Skype name or status. Likewise, you should always remain professional, articulate and formal throughout the interview, despite in some cases conducting your Skype interview from the comfort of your home.

Once the interview is concluded, it is advisable and courteous to send a short, formal follow up thank you email. These are just as important for Skype as they are for any in-person interviews. However, avoid doing this through Skype.

Now that you are prepared and ready to give an impressive video interview, why don’t you check out our recent International Tax vacancies and kick-start your success story today!

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