Malaysia is well placed as an international business destination choice

Must-Know Facts about Malaysia

Malaysia has been recognised as an ideal expat destination for those considering moving to Asia.

The exotic country is one of Asia's hidden gems, located in its South-eastern territory. With its fast-developing major cities and relatively high standard of living, good healthcare, variety of international schools and competitive job opportunities, Malaysia is highly attractive to professionals seeking a career overseas.

Malaysian Economy and Opportunities for Expats

Malaysia’s recently industrialised market economy is identified as one of the most successful in Asia, focusing on two key sectors- international trade and manufacturing. Key multinational businesses operate in the country due to the lower operational costs involved, offering tax experts a wide range of career opportunities and potential for professional development.

Impressively, Malaysia has been ranked as the 6th friendliest country in the world to do business, according to The World Bank’s (2014) Report, ranking higher than the UK and Australia.

Geographical Regions

Malaysia is divided into two different geographical regions, separated by the South China Sea. The first region is known as Peninsula Malaysia, or West Malaysia, while the second one is referred to as East Malaysia and consists of the Sarawak and Sabah region of Borneo Island and thirteen diverse states. Bear in mind that although East Malaysia occupies larger territory and is significantly rich in natural resources, it is less developed and less populated than is West Malaysia, which includes the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Kuala Lumpur

The well-known Kuala Lumpur is the capital and largest city in Malaysia. It is the financial, cultural and economic centre of the country and a major destination for international air travel.

Kuala Lumpur attracts millions of tourists all year round, and is commonly known for its luxury shopping malls, high-end restaurants and beautiful markets. It offers expats an energetic and diverse lifestyle and has been identified as Asia’s most expat friendly city by Internations.

Languages in Malaysia

The national language of Malaysia is known as Malay, or Malaysian. Since Malaysia is so diverse, there are many other languages and dialects spoken, with English being among the most widely spoken ones as it is mandatory for Malaysians to learn it at school. Aside from Malay and English, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew, Hainanese, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujerati and Urdu are other common Chinese/ Indian dialects spoken in the country.

Weather and Climate

The climate in both distinct Malaysian parts is relatively similar, with tropical weather all year round and temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C.

Bear in mind that the monsoon season in Malaysia varies depending on the region. While the south-west region experiences it from May to September, the monsoon season in the north-east takes place between November and March. The ideal climate (especially for beach holidays) can be enjoyed during January and February on the west coast, April in Sabah and June and July on the east and in Sarawak.

Must-See Places in Malaysia

Malaysia offers the world-renowned attractions that can make your stay immeasurably rewarding. Some of the most remarkable sites include the tallest twin towers in the world, the pristine waters of the east coast at Pulau Redang, the Sky Bridge, Penang Hill, Kinabalu National Park and many more…

Visit the link below to find the top 10 must-see attractions in Malaysia:

Malaysia is an exciting expat destination, attracting numerous foreign businesses and investors and offering warm reception for professionals choosing it as their home.

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