Meet the Recruiter - Scott Stewart

Describe the typical day of an International Recruiter?

The best way to describe it would be that there is no ‘typical’ day being an International Recruiter; No two days are the same as we work with international clients and candidates from all across the globe.


What made you decide to enter the recruitment industry?

Developing a career in the recruitment industry highly interested me as it draws on what I formerly enjoyed within my previous jobs; supporting others to achieve their career goals, building invaluable professional relationships with interesting people from all parts of the world and the opportunity to be successful in my own career and aspirations.


How does recruitment differ from other fields?

Of course, there are many minor differences between working in different fields of work compared to recruitment, however fundamentally I think working in this industry is not unlike many other jobs out there. At the heart of this (and any job) is a hard-working attitude, attention to detail, great listening skills and applying common sense to each challenging situation you may face.


What is the most rewarding part of being in Recruitment?

Whilst there are many rewarding elements involved in working at Kingpin, the most gratifying is definitely providing genuine support to people looking to fulfil their career ambitions and, for many of them, their life dream of living and working in a new country or even returning to their hometown.


What are some of the unique challenges in the recruitment industry?

The most unique challenge I’ve experienced within the recruitment industry is dealing with a huge variety of different cultures, personalities and requirements. There are many elements that can have a huge impact on an international relocation; the right education system and schooling for children, applying for VISA’s or finding suitable accommodation are all incredibly important and will vary from person to person. It’s therefore not unusual for clients or candidates to change their needs during the hiring process. It can sometimes take between 6-9 months from the initial application through to the candidate starting their new role and as we all know, a lot can happen in life during that time!


What personal qualities do you think are the most desirable for being a successful recruiter?

Resilience, persistence & determination are definitely the top personal qualities generally needed in being a successful international recruiter. However, the top priority without question would be in being a great listener.

Successful recruiters also need to have a passion for talking to people from all over the world and then using your professional expertise in matching candidates with their ideal job against the most suitable clients.


How do you relax outside of work?

On the occasional sunny day here in Edinburgh, being outside is a must! I spend a lot of time out on the Golf course when I can and enjoy participating in regular competitions. Edinburgh has around 20 golf courses across the city and many more all over Scotland including the famous St. Andrews course and Turnberry resort, making the possibilities endless.

Spending time with family and friends is also very important to me, combined with enjoying dining out, watching film and television, and even travelling to completely unwind.

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