Meet the Recruiter - Elisa Cohen

Describe the typical day of an International Researcher & Resourcer?

A typical day at Kingpin is rarely the same which definitely makes this job interesting & challenging! My mornings will usually consist of catching up on my many emails and messages along with scheduling and promoting current roles across the different platforms we use. LinkedIn and X-Ray searches are my key priorities on a day to day basis which allows me to headhunt and search for the best talent out there. I talk to a lot of people and enjoy engaging with new candidates to identify their experience, background and career achievements.

When I’m not headhunting and conducting the all-important candidate interviews, I dedicate a lot of my time to ‘candidate mapping’ which is a really crucial part of my role and allows me to fully understand the international marketplace and accurately target the right people.

My days are never quiet and the international element and partnering with some of the biggest companies in the world are what I love most about working at Kingpin.


What made you decide to enter the recruitment industry?

The job advert said that I could ‘use my knowledge in wine to find a good bottle for occasional celebrations on Fridays at the office’… On a more serious note, my passion lies within researching, building relationships and providing quality support to people striving for an international career move. Being able to talk with high calibre candidates from all over the world for such a specialist market, made it an easy decision to join Kingpin.


How does recruitment differ from other fields?

My previous background was mostly in customer service, which although different from my current role, certainly provided me with some of the key skills needed for my career in international recruitment. The biggest difference I have noticed between the two professions has been the long-term professional relationships you are able to build with our candidates. Interaction is such an important factor and as International recruiters, our job is to evolve candidates’ careers which can often be life-changing when someone is relocating to another country.

People are also much more pleasant on the phone!


What is the most rewarding part of being in Recruitment?

We’ve all been there; taking on the lengthy process of searching for the perfect job. What’s so rewarding about my role is that I can genuinely support people getting to where they want to be in a career change. It’s so humbling knowing that I’ve contributed to someone landing their ideal job and being part of that whole journey with them.


What are some of the unique challenges in the recruitment industry?

With every job, there are challenges that you have to overcome. Within international recruitment, one of our key tasks is being able to correctly balance what candidates’ ambitions are, compared to what job opportunities are out there. It allows us to give our market expertise in providing the best guidance for each candidates’ skills and profile.


What personal qualities do you think are the most desirable for being a successful recruiter?

A personal quality that benefits me in this industry is definitely being patient and resilient. This means I can carefully select the best candidates for our prestigious clients to ensure both parties are completely satisfied. I would also highlight my determined nature, as it motivates me to work hard every day to provide the very best service for everyone involved.


How do you relax outside of work?

Since relocating from France to Edinburgh, one of my favourite pastimes is going out for dinner with friends – there are some fantastic restaurants all across the city. During the summer, I enjoy going to the different Edinburgh festivals such as ‘The Fringe’ (which is the world’s largest arts festival!).

I also like spending as much time as possible outdoors; in particular, hiking or playing badminton and other activities that will help me disconnect from work and set me up for the week ahead.

Working for an International Recruitment Agency comes with its benefits too, as I am currently learning the Korean language (we do a lot of work across Asia!!).

My Monday evening ‘tradition’ also helps me relax and unwind, which is spending some quality time with friends and a glass of good quality wine……