International relocation and the benefits to your career

Kingpin International work with Tax professionals looking to relocate across different locations all over the world. Our dedicated specialism gives us a unique perspective on the type of challenges often faced by anyone considering such a life changing move.

The majority of expats who we have worked with over the years, would generally agree that the overall experience of relocation, with the right support, is beneficial in many ways. Here we explore some of those reasons:

Moving from one country to another is exciting!

Based on numerous published reports, it’s widely accepted that one of the major differences between people who move abroad and those who don't is that living abroad increases "self-concept clarity". Living in another country allows people to experience different cultures, meet new people and travel more. The majority of expats will often find themselves ‘out of their comfort zone’ and regularly being exposed to scenarios that they otherwise wouldn’t experience. Changes in your environment and daily life can also contribute to making you a more ‘independent and adventurous person’.

International relocation

Developing as a professional

Work should be a life experience and not just a job. Being a Tax professional, you can often fulfil your potential through an international relocation as the ‘corporate world’ becomes even more globalised.

Research has shown that the top reason for employees relocating is to achieve ‘personal career development’. Moving to a major city or country will often increase the number of job opportunities and furthermore, having worked abroad, can be viewed by potential new Employers as highly desirable as they seek ‘international experience’.

Building an International Tax professional network throughout your career and working abroad will naturally extend your contact base and improve your personal brand. This may gain you an advantage when applying for new roles anywhere across the world.

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