Connecting with European Expatriates via Chat Forums

Are expatriate chat forums worth using?

Here at Kingpin International, we have quickly realised the importance to our candidates of expatriate forums and the support that they provide.

Moving abroad as an expat can sometimes be a daunting prospect, particularly if you have never worked or lived in that country. A good way to ease some of the worries is to seek the help of other expatriates who have the first-hand experience of the lifestyle. Chat forums can tell you about local life from the view of an individual who has physically been an expat in the location. Most of the forums have many threads ranging from people asking about local clubs to advertising flute lessons. Although not all of us are thinking of taking up the flute, it highlights how varied the forums can be and how they can be used to find all kinds of information and events that you would not otherwise know about. In some ways, forums can work like a review site, in that you can gather opinions and gain peace of mind from likeminded people. Just like review sites give first-hand information on hotels etc, forums give expatriates insider information on locations which can be used as a research tool prior to leaving or as a way of connecting with others when in the city/country.


Expatriate chat forums around Europe

Map of Europe

Here are some interesting chat forums for some of Europe’s key expatriate locations: 


The home of the European Parliament and a base for a variety of large organisations, the Belgian capital has a large number of expats, many of whom make use of chat forums.



Switzerland’s economic and business centre, Zurich is home to many financial services firms which draws numerous expats to the city.



One of the most international cities in Europe, a large portion of Geneva’s population are from outside of Switzerland.

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