8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Move to Brighton

Nestled on the South East coast of England, less than one hour away from London by train, is the wonderfully diverse and popular seaside Sussex town of Brighton.  Crowned the UK’s happiest city in a 2017 survey by 9NINE Super Seed, over a third of its’ population describe their lives as “happy.” In fact, thousands of Londoners relocate to Brighton each year in search of a better quality of life. Wondering what makes Brighton so special? Here are 8 reasons why expats love the seaside town so much!

Vibrant, trendy and colourful

Brighton jobs

From the iconic, neon-lit pier to the colourful beach huts and its’ creative community, Brighton is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. A magnet for artistic folk, each year the city witnesses an influx of artists, musicians, writers, poets and designers looking to soak up the bohemian vibe. Its’ appealing metropolitan lifestyle boasts many bars, restaurants, clubs, theatres, trendy boutiques and quaint cafes.

Moreover, its’ all-inclusive culture is home to a large LGBT community with Kemptown being the heart of the LGBT nightlife. The city also hosts Brighton Pride – one of the UK’s biggest and most celebrated Pride festivals.

Royal Pavilion

Located in the centre of Brighton’s cultural quarter is the extravagant and enchanting Royal Pavilion. Not just a royal palace to admire, the Royal Pavilion is home to Brighton’s museum and art gallery. It’s beauty and magnificent design helped to establish Brighton’s reputation two centuries ago.

The iconic landmark attracts over 1.2 million people each year.

Life’s a beach

Brighton jobs

Popular amongst tourists and residents alike is Brighton’s famous pebble beach featuring the Brighton Palace Pier as a backdrop.

The perfect place to enjoy fresh air and soak up the sunshine when escaping from day-to-day working life.

Happy residents

It’s no wonder why so many Londoners flock to Brighton when it’s the UK’s happiest city to live in! According to a survey performed by 9NINE Super Seed, 35% of Brightonians described themselves as “happy”.

Close proximity to the capital


If you fancy a day trip to the capital, then hop on a train and you’ll arrive in London within an hour. The short commute provides the perfect opportunity to do some shopping, visit multiple museums or popular attractions and meet up with friends. Many professionals also opt to live in Brighton because of the relaxed lifestyle but commute to London every day for work. Annual train passes are available.

Cheaper than London

Another reason why professionals choose to live in Brighton is because of the cheaper cost of living. The expensive property prices in London are leading to an exodus of professionals in their early 30s from the capital and Brighton is a popular relocation choice. According to Expatisan, Brighton is 26% cheaper than London. Whilst expensive in comparison with other UK cities, rental and house prices in Brighton are still considerably more affordable than London.

People are friendly 

Brighton’s open and all-inclusive culture provides a welcoming environment for people looking to relocate. Unlike big cities where people often keep to themselves, you can expect to see some smiles from Brightonians in the street and have a good chat with them! The combined effect of the seaside location, friendly locals and varied activities is luring many towards this coastal hotspot.

Leisure Time

The Eastbourne tennis tournament is a world class event where the finest players find their form before going onto Wimbledon.  This year’s event takes place on 21st – 29th June and you can enjoy seeing the world’s top players up close and personal.


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